Taking Stock of My Life and Selling All My Stuff

Does that sound overwhelming or what?! That’s because it is. But for me it’s overwhelming in a  very exciting way. It is a very eye-opening experience to take inventory of all your belongings and, one-by-one, sell it all off. I have only just begun (I’ve sold almost $500 worth of stuff), and at this point I would highly recommend it. 

Ridding yourself of worldly possessions is like a spiritual awakening. All the burdens of everyday life and material things are being lifted from my shoulders and washed away. It’s actually a huge relief. 

I don’t need a ton of clothes & shoes, kitchen tools, books, and home decor to make me happy. I would much rather have a backpack full of essentials, support from my friends and family, and enough money in the bank to go out into the world and live free.

What I am doing isn’t temporary either. I don’t plan to come back a year from now and re-buy everything I’ve sold and have another 600 sq. foot apartment full of stuff. I might come back in a year, I might not; that is yet to be seen. But regardless of when I return, I plan to live more of a minimalist lifestyle.

Like I said before, this has been an eye-opening experience. I am learning that I can live with less; I don’t need 7 pairs of heels, 3 wine racks, 5 whisks, 3 cupcake racks, 10 bottles of lotion, and who knows how many pieces of clothing to be fulfilled. 

Update 8/18/16: I moved out of my apartment at the end of July and was able to sell almost everything, totaling about $2,600. I can now fit everything I own into my car – which I will be selling soon as well. Not being tied down by an apartment full of material things is very freeing!

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