July 2016 Update

Hey guys! I am well underway in my travel preparation and planning, and thought I would go ahead and give everyone a little update on what has been going on and my plans over the next couple of months!

In case anyone didn’t know, I have been writing guest posts for NomadApp on how I am preparing for long-term travel; check out the first two here and here. NomadApp is an amazing start-up that is getting ready to launch an awesome travel app, so everyone should check the out!

Last Friday, July 22nd, I submitted my letter of resignation at work. I gave 6.5 weeks notice, and my last day will be September 7th! I was worried they would be upset and mad that I had been deceiving them all these months, but everyone was super excited for me and very supportive! It was such a good feeling and a huge relief!

I have now had three weekends of my indoor moving sale, making about $800 (my total from selling stuff is over $2,200!). I move out of my apartment this week. I will gradually start taking things to my friend’s house where I am staying for the month of August, and on Thursday and Friday (July 28th-29th) my parents will help me get the last of the furniture and any remaining boxes moved out.

On September 8th, the day after my last day of work, I am flying to Washington, DC to visit my best friend who just moved there from Houston, TX. I will spend five days in DC, then drive to my parents’ house in Wichita, KS the day after flying back to Kansas City. The next day I head to Winfield, KS for five days for the Walnut Valley bluegrass music festival!

The weekend after Winfield I plan to do a Lawrence/Kansas City weekend to see all my friends and family and say goodbye before I head out on my international travels! Then, the following Thursday, September 29th my mom and I fly to Los Angeles. We will spend three days there before my late night flight from LA to Melbourne, Australia on Sunday, October 2nd!

So there you have it. Things are moving along at a pretty fast pace at this point, and I am super excited! Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me throughout this crazy process!