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Why I’m Not Staying In Town For My Cousin’s Wedding

“Your relationships are the heaviest components in your life.
We weigh ourselves down until we can’t even move.
Make no mistake – moving is living.”
– Up in the Air

Life is full of special events. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, babies, holidays, and family reunions all fill my calendar throughout the year. I love celebrating these special moments with my family and friends.

My cousin – with whom I am close – is getting married in November 2016, approximately six weeks after my planned departure. She asked me to be a bridesmaid, to which I politely declined, reminding her about my plans (which were announced to the family just a few days before he popped the question). She knew it was unlikely I’d be able to attend and was very understanding. We actually talked about her & her husband-to-be going to Europe on their honeymoon and meeting up (fingers crossed!)

There have been a few others, however, who have almost recoiled in shock that I’m not willing to put off my plans for this wedding. “What do you mean you’re not waiting?! It’s only six weeks!” I get it, this lifestyle change may be difficult for folks to wrap their minds around, but I have my reasons. They may be selfish and offend some, but I’m okay with that.

The second I decided to sell all of my belongings, quit my job, and set out for solo travel around the world, I started living my life for me, focusing on my own quality of life, and doing what will make me happy.  My plans are set, and I have zero intention of changing them to work around anyone else’s schedule.

If I did change my plans and wait until after the wedding to go, the next thing just around the corner would be Thanksgiving.  Then Christmas, mine & my sister’s birthdays, New Year’s, and the list goes on. If I waited to leave until after every special event, I would never get out of here. Yikes! That is so not happening.

I have a pretty large family, and this wedding definitely will not be the only special event I’ll be missing. I have another cousin who just got engaged, several newlywed relatives who will be starting families, and one who is currently planning to have another baby. I also have ill & aging family members who I may not have a chance to see again after I go.

Am I happy about missing these special occasions? Of course not – but in the grand scheme of things, the world will keep turning and life at home will go on just fine without me. As Bebe Rexha says, “it’s just me, myself, and I.”