This post is going to be short and sweet because I didn’t really do much in Houston!

In June I went on a nine day road trip through Texas. I visited Fort Worth (outside of Dallas), Houston, Austin, and went back to Fort Worth on the way home. I also stayed a night in Wichita going there and back.

The reason for this trip was to visit my best friend in Houston. He ended up getting a job out in Washington, D.C. (my next destination!) and the timing worked out so that the day I left Houston for Austin, he left for DC. So, I mainly helped him move out of his apartment and get his car packed up for his trip!

We did spend part of one day, however, exploring some of the street art Houston has to offer. We saw some really cool large-scale murals, as well as smaller tags around town.  Check out the photos below!

6-26-16 022

There were a few buildings and alleys on one block with huge murals!



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