Checking out everything on the Vegas strip is great fun, but I also love going downtown. There’s the famous Fremont Street, but I urge you to wander away from the crowded downtown tourist attraction and check out the amazing street art in the surrounding blocks.

On Saturday afternoon my parents and I ventured to the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign and then downtown. I opted to stand off to the side and snap a quick pic and a selfie instead of waiting in the silly line, while my parents waited in our cab (there surprisingly were not any Uber cars near us when we checked).


The main reason for roaming off the strip, however, was to see the street art downtown that I had been reading about online. In 2013 Life Is Beautiful, an arts and music festival, was started in downtown Las Vegas. Above being a music festival, dozens of street artists are invited to create incredible works of art around the downtown area.

Instead of coughing up the nearly $400 for a general admission festival ticket, we walked around discovering some of the pieces that were created for Life Is Beautiful, and are now a permanent part of the downtown scenery.

According to the information I had found online, we would be able to find street art around 7th & Ogden and the surrounding area. We hopped in our cab and asked the driver to take us to that intersection. When we pulled up to 6th & Ogden I spotted a gigantic snail with a skull shell and called out “this is perfect, you can let us off here!” I was so excited I practically jumped out of the car.

2016-05-14 13.46.34

“Ever After” by Lakwena, left; Snail-skull mural by Alexis Diaz, right

The gate dividing the parking lot from the alleys pictured above stretched all the way to the sidewalk of the next street. We walked across the large parking lot to check out the huge and realistic horned lizard squirting blood from its’ eyes across the street, created by Belgian street artist ROA.

2016-05-14 13.49.31

Next we turned right and walked along the opposite side of the fence. First we took pictures in front of the two-part XOXO mural, with an enclosed alley-like area in between.

Finally, we turned the corner into the massive alley that houses the epic mural, “The Cycle of Civilization,” by Zio Ziegler pictured below.

2016-05-14 13.52.34

Full image of “The Cycle of Civilization”, mom taking in the view.

This stunning work of art is so detailed, I could have spent all day taking it in; I was so in awe. Check out the slideshow below for semi-close-ups of some of the incredible detail.

Through the alley to 7th street and around the corner to the left was this fun and funky wall by The Apexer:

2016-05-14 13.54.16

Across the street is a super cool two-story mural by Doze Green:

2016-05-14 13.56.20-1We continued down 7th towards Fremont Street, which was only a couple of blocks away.

A small wall one block down from the “fun and funky” wall.

The pictures below are two murals by D*Face. The first one reads “I gave her my heart, and she left me for…” The second work of art is about one block down, on the opposite side of the street.

Across from the LOVE Forever wall is the El Cortez parking garage with “Robot Portrait” by Pixel Pancho. The girl looks human, but if you look closely you can see gears exposed on her cheek. Around the corner is a piece that tells onlookers “Good rooms, good food, a good gamble,” of the El Cortez Hotel & Casino, with “Life is beautiful” across the bottom.

Past the parking garage on the wall of the casino is this small Abey Road piece. According to the website, “Abbey Road crossing celebrates the legacy of English music in the entertainment capital of the world…Las Vegas.”

We continued toward the main drag of Fremont Street and saw these colorful fish by Sush Machida and Tim Bavington on the Emergency Arts building.

2016-05-14 14.04.24

Around the corner was another piece on the Emergency Arts building.

2016-05-14 14.05.04

Finally, we made it to the famous Fremont Street, which is a giant art collection itself if you ask me.

We could have walked around downtown looking at street art all day and still not seen it all. In just about every direction we looked for the four block walk we took we could see murals. The street art scene in Las Vegas is bustling and I highly recommend checking it out. I would love to see pictures of art that I missed!

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